+ Adventurer, Scholar, Fashion Designer, Runner, Paw-rent, & Plant Enthusiast


I love traveling, especially when I get to immerse myself in & learn about diverse cultures. I have studied 8 languages, traveled to over 40 countries, & lived in 7 of those for education, research or archaeological excavation.

here I am hiking along the chalaadi glacier under Mt Ushba in the Svaneti region of Georgia


I am a published scholar of ancient Iranian & Central Asian art. Two subjects that I am particularly passionate about are ancient fashion design systems (the subject of my doctoral research) & banqueting silver (the subject of my online database project, eurasiansilver.com).

here I am presenting on ancient Sogdian paintings in the galleries of the State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

Fashion Designer

I received my first sewing machine from my mother when I was 6 years old. I began using & altering commercial patterns but over the past several years have taught myself pattern-making. I love the design & construction process, & now have a closet that is about 2/3 my own work.

here I am wearing trousers & a top that I made of cotton batik & recycled wool


I love mid-distance running: 10 km is my ideal distance but I will race up to 25 km for a good trail course. Running, especially in the forest, is my ultimate state of bliss.

here I just ran a 10 km course in upstate New York & placed 3rd


My husband & I are proud paw-rents to Altaika, our borzoi (Russian wolfhound). She loves hiking with us, learning new obedience & trick cues (in both Russian & hand signals), & playing with her favorite giant stuffed alligator toy.

here Altaika is attempting to take a seat on me in the park

Plant Enthusiast

Growing up, my family's home was filled with house plants, so I seemingly inherited my plant-loving genes. My current obsessions are epiphyllums & caladiums.

here I am standing next to a giant blue agave on the streets of Encinitas